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how to make the font look right

Bengali font

Anya, some of us started to use your font and when I installed that in my computer, then I could see what I have written in this blog but today in LRC, I used Philomena's computer. There the conjuncts broke and  short i ( vowel) came after the consonants. Philomena helped me to have this blog and is trying to find a workable Bengali font which you all ( students) can use next semester. The best possible situation is when nobody has to download the font and everybody can read bangla from everywhere. But in this scenario, she and other people who are working on fonts and do not know the language need your help. You have already used it and probably explain things to them in English. We made a category ( font issues ) where you can post your comments and Philomena can ask you questions. I know it is break but ....... :)