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গান ৩

I remember that when I was five and half years old,  I went to see this movie with my  father, grandmother and my জ্যাঠতুতো দিদি / cousin. The movie was funny but the song is quite serious :) Actually I like this song. You will notice, how much " Radha" and " Krishna"s references come in main stream Bnegali movies.

সিনেমার নাম " ধন্যি মেয়ে" ।

gan 2

Students, now he may not seem handsome to you all because you belong to different age group and many of you probably live outside Bengal . The criteria of handsomeness very from place to place and from time to time but he is all time favourite 'Nayok/ film star' to Bengali people. Ask a Bengali person about ' Uttom kumar' and see his/her reaction. I am refering here to that actor who is singing.

how to make the font look right

First, you have to make sure the computer is set up for viewing unicode fonts. If you are using firefox, go to "view" then "character encoding" and  select "unicode UTF-8."  If you are using internet explorer go to "view" then "encoding" then "more" then "unicode UTF-8"

If it is still not working, the font may not be installed correctly on your computer. This website:

tells you how to install the font and complex character encoding.

Bengali font

Anya, some of us started to use your font and when I installed that in my computer, then I could see what I have written in this blog but today in LRC, I used Philomena's computer. There the conjuncts broke and  short i ( vowel) came after the consonants. Philomena helped me to have this blog and is trying to find a workable Bengali font which you all ( students) can use next semester. The best possible situation is when nobody has to download the font and everybody can read bangla from everywhere. But in this scenario, she and other people who are working on fonts and do not know the language need your help. You have already used it and probably explain things to them in English. We made a category ( font issues ) where you can post your comments and Philomena can ask you questions. I know it is break but ....... :)

সুমনার দিদির বিয়ের ছবি

Gayer_halud সুমনা ইউনিভার্সিটি অফ মিসিগানের আমার প্রথম বছরের  ছাত্রী । সুমনা ওর দিদির বিয়ের কয়েকটা ছবি পাঠিয়েছে। এই ছবিতে বাঁদিকে সুমনার দিদি আর ডানদিকে

সুমনা । এই আচারকে বলা হয় 'গায়ে হলুদ' ।

I think this ritual is practiced by both Hindu and Muslim Bengalis. Tell me , if I am wrong. Can anybody explain what  is 'গায়ে হলুদ' ?

Why is this blog !!

Hi all

This blog is primarily for 'adda'. Our endless apetite for chatting inspired us to have this blog. I do not know whether I will thank or blame Haley for inspiring us for doing it as she is the founder of our ' nasta club' in Ann Arbor :). and the club is very productive in spite of our weekly prolonged chatting. But I am totally ruined. I can't really stop right now.

Some of us can use Bengali font here, that is actually a dream fulfiled in my life. Everybody knows it is very difficult to get an unicode font with easy keyboard layout . The font Anya uses is good in many ways. It is phonetic. I was stuck at some point though . I did not know that I have to use "o" after each consonant unless I want a conjunct. Yesterday, Celeste spent a lot of time with me and helped me a lot with the blog.

So, those who know how to read and write and would like to try it, please go ahead. Those who are out of touch with Bengali script and those who I did not teach bengali script at all, can write anything you want in Roman script. Those who have been in Bengal long ago and totally out of touch with Bengali, please chat in English with us.

I would like you to share photos of you and your family, friends and also your experience in Bengal. I still remember hilarious essay of Ian's experience in Bangladesh a long time ago. I have students and friends who have great sense of humour and I appreciate that a lot. Share what you have with us. For me, saying anything about Bengall objectively is difficult as I was there for 37 years. This term, I was talking with my students about how to deal a "bus" situation, how to ask for a ticket from the conductor. I was creating a situation where the bus is extremely over crowded, people are hanging out of the bus door like a bunch of flowers, people struggle to go to the door by pushing others..etc.Sometimes, people .... err... throw up. Then I looked at my students' faces and realised that I just made a picture of permanent horror in their mind :) specially those who have never been in Bengal. But there are so many other transportations people can take. So, only listening to my horror stories are not good exposure about Bengal to my students. So, all of you can share your experiences and can make me feel less guilty about it.

My current students , you are not so lucky as my old students. You have to learn the font as you are going to use the font for online journals. So, try the font in this break :).


Hello. Shobai kemon ache? Amar computer-e bangla font-er software nei. Shei jonne amar ingrijite bangla likhte hocche. =) Ami Mandira-di chhara kao ke chinina, kintu ami Nasta Club-ar protekta email pai. Nasta club-er khobor shune ami khoob khooshi hoi. Ami Mandiradi-er prothom Bangla class-er chhatri chhilam. Ami khoob class-ta miss kori, kintu email golo pore mone hocche chhatro/chhatri onek bere gache. Eta khoob bhalo khobor! Hopefully ami ak din Bikelay Nasta Club-er meeting-a ashte parbo abong shobar porichoy korte parbo. Pore kotha hobe!

~ Sumana

Notes from Philomena

Found some information regarding blogging w Bengali script. Jan is investigating too. I will keep adding information to this post so we don't have so many to delete later!

Bangla Blog
with information on configuring a blog for Bengali script

Converter Editor (U Wisc)
allows you to type in roman and converts to Bengali that you can copy paste into document