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For the 1st. yr students in U of C

About : greetings and pronouns and kO, khO, gO etc.

Hi all

You did a great job in your first blog in First Year :). Nice to hear all of you talking in Bangla. I will talk about the general impression of your recordings.

First, I realised I did not teach you that ' amra' is the plural form of 'ami'. So, I have great sympathy for poor Brandon. When Jahnavi asks about Brandon and are they.. he had no other choice but to say selfishly ' ami bhalo achi, ami bhalo achi.' :)  My apology for that. :)

There are two similar sounding words : amra - we and 'amar'- us. Probably these two will bug you for a while.

Make sure that when you talk in pairs, both of you are seen in the screen.

Overall, it was a COOL class, we will do it every Friday, what do you think ? That means bring your computers every Friday.

If any of you want to have a few minutes with me for practicing some sounds, talk to me after our class tomorrow.

kal dEkha hObe.


More photos !!

Dear Salima

It is so good to see the photos of your family and friends. Photos are really important tool for teaching. I am so happy you did that . Tell the students to put a couple of photos of their families and friends too. Do you and any of them have photos of Bengal ? Those will also be very helpful.


Welcome !!

Our old and new students.

Welcome to this blog  I hope this will be your place where you can practice your Bangla speaking and writing in a relaxed mood. Now, it is our great pleasure that students of U of C and U of M are using this. That means we all willl get to know each other and our social circle of bangla gang will increase :). Sorry about not be able to very serious. You all know, this is a blog for students and it is a place for learning and having fun. Consider it as an extended classroom and at the same time like a 'mela' where all people come to enjoy.

I have two suggestions :

Keep track of your own conversations and journals. Self correction is the best correction.

Try to read other people's journals and comment on it. It will increase your speed.

If you find any link you think is interesting and we should know about that or just enjoy, post the link here.

You all are talented and creative. Express your creativity and let us know about it.

I also welcome Salima, the new instructor in U of M.

Best wishes always,