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Comparative Linguistics: Prepositions vs. Postpositions- English vs. Bangla

In class last week, we had a lesson on the locative case and postpositions. While that might seem confusing if you don't know those words, in practice, this divergence from English becomes quite simple. While in English a speaker might be used to forming the prepositional phrase (remember this from grade school, folks?) (preposition + a noun), Bangla manages to form similar structures in reverse (noun+ a preposition) by attaching an ending to an existing noun in the sentence. Just like in English though, the preposition used will modify the noun that it is 'attached' to. Rendered from English to Bangla- a phrase like "in the city" would become literally "the city in". Our comrade, Scott Brown, did a great explanation of this, so I'll upload a video of him giving us a mini-lesson on Bangla syntax and postpositions. - Sarita Download Trim.FFCD7B92-9567-4994-9045-D3EEB3EC7896