Apnar Nam Ki - Scott & Sarita
Learning Bangla Script (2)

Learning Bangla Script

There are infinite ways to learn a script. 

I first introduce my students one letter at a time. Pronunciation and stroke order. I start with one at a time. 

Then students go to the board for practicing the letters. Fortunately, in SASLI, classrooms  have huge boards and the number of Bangla students never go beyond eight. 

It is always better for the students to learn a couple of letters and then come to the board. Coming to the board after one letter will involve a lot of movements and coming to the board after learning ten letters will be too much and  it may be stressful for them. I think three or four letters are good to practice in one cluster. 

Using flash cards is very useful. Again, many ways are there. This is the picture where students have learned all the letters and they are working as a group to arrange the alphabets in traditional way as they are arranged in general. They have a template in front of them. If necessary, they may look at that template. 

SASLI 2015 students: From left, Scott, Tim, Sam, Calynn and Sarita.