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ভালো রে ভালো English Translation - SASLI 2015


Please enjoy the English translation of Sukumar Ray's classic poem, ভালো রে ভালো, produced by the Elementary Bengali class at the SASLI Summer Language Program at UW-Madison. More information on the poet can be found here

Good is Good

by Sukumar Ray 

Oh brother! In my thoughts I see so far

In this world, all is good

The real is good, the false is good

The cheap is good, the costly is good

You are good, and I am good

Here, the rhythm of the song is good

Here, the flowers' scent is good

The cloud-dappled sky is good

The wave-stirring breeze is good

The summer is good, the rains are good

Dark is good, fair is good

Pulao is good, korma is good

Fried fish dolma is good

The straight is good, the winding is good

The hairy and the bald are good

The drum is good, the gong is good

Pushing the cart along is good

Rolling the bread dough is good

To hear the songs of old is good

The feel the cling of cotton is good

The cold shiver of a shower is good

But the very best of all

Is porota with peanut butter.


Translation by:

SASLI Elementary Bangla Class, Summer 2015

Tim Aylsworth, Scott Lynn Brown, Calynn Dowler, Samuel Lagasse, Sarita Mizin