ভালো রে ভালো English Translation - SASLI 2015
Sarita, Sam, Calynn and Scott's high frequency vocabulary in 2015, First Year

Shared course of Bangla Language in University of Chicago

Hi my former students, colleagues, my current students,

I would like you to know that University of Chicago is going to offer 'shared course' of  1st. Year Bangla from this Fall, 2015. 

It means that students from other Universities ( Listed below) can join Bangla class offered in U of C. Bangla is offered in a very few Universities inUS. So, so no doubt it is a great opportunity.

The question comes how it will be operated. Students, from their home Universities, can be present virtually in the class. This does not mean it will be a recorded class shared to them later.  It means that my students physically and virtually, in real time, join my class. We all will interact with each other. 

This is a new experience for me. But internet fascinates me and the possibility to work with this tool is endless. I have been imagining doing it for a long time. 

The Language Center of U of C will help and guide the students.

So, please spread the word. 

For now, only 1st. Year Bangla will be offered. 


Consortial Exchange Partners

Chicago Metropolitan Exchange Program:

The University of Illinois at Chicago

Northwestern University


The Domestic Exchange Program (Ivy Plus):

Brown University

Columbia University

Cornell University

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T)

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University

Stanford University

University of California-Berkeley

Yale University


If you are interested, please contact your home University.