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Know your student well in the first day of a language class

Bangla/ Bengali Students' project, University of Chicago,First year,2015-16

This is the final project of First Year Bangla students,University of Chicago, 2016. It is fun. You will like it. 

The First year's challange was how to coordinate. One of our First Year student , Nichole was based in Madison. We could see her only in our classroom in a big screen. So, the students came up with the idea of making a story in parts. I think the idea is brilliant. 

Students have limited resource of language skills. When they use those skills and create something, I feel that they are ready to move forward. 


1st. Part, Megha and Tanima ( Universitty of Chicago )

2nd. Part, Nichole ( University of Wisconsin)

3rd. Part, Eduardo ( University of Chicago student)