15 Best Free Language Learning Websites and Apps
Quiz 1

A neat Russian Language Learning website

Let's Learn Russian website impressed me. As a very beginner, who has no knowledge of the language can a get a brief introduction to the grammar structure, vocabulay and phonetics. I do not know any Russian and it was nice to get a glimps of the language. I must say, there are other similar language learning sites of other languages but none of them are so thorough ( I have seen some, may have missed some). There are audio sound with the letters and words. It was exciting to hear sounds of the language. 

The question comes, will I be able to learn Russian only in this way ? My long experience of language teaching says, 'No'.  Interaction is important, communication is important . Having this kind of site  to fall back on, you need a face-to-face class with your teacher and your journey starts for there.  

Oerall, it is well organized. If you are learning Russian or not, can check this site out.