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A Bangla learner's blog entry,2010

Addressed to all second language learners

Hi all,

This is an important and informative article about the benefits of learning a second language. It is written by Julia Reed. If you are not sure why you should learn a second language, read this article and this article will help you to mak up your mind.  

34 Unobvious Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Leave your comments if you think you have felt the same way. 

Now, on the hindsight, I wish I could be more receptive to learn English well when I was young. I was not good at it, neither English was taught well in our school. It was a power language to me, as I grew up in India. But the reality is that, even for teaching my mother tongue, Bangla/Bengali, I need to have some knowledge of the learner's language. There is no doubt about it.