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bangla grammar, slide in powerpoint, demonstrative non personal pronouns with 'টা' and ' গুলো'

Slides cannot be the only tool for language teaching , we all know that. So , figure out how you will use it. I again, will tell the students to find out what is happening in the picture. They will think, pause, will try to connect the words with pictures and they will understand what is happening here. Feel free to use it, Bangla second language teacher. Just don't forget to give the maker a little credit. That's all. By the way, it is difficult to make a mind map in powerpoint. It does not look as good as hand painted one.



Demonstrative non personal pronouns with ta and gulo

Theory behind mind maps

I will read more about it in future but, readers, for now, one article will give you some ideas about it.

I will make a board of visually stunning mind maps  in Pinterest ( may not be related to language teaching) to get some ideas. Then, we will move ahead and make our own. of course, I will give credit to the original ones for getting inspirations.


Here is the article : Theory behind mind maps

Mind mapping in Bangla teaching with 'থাকা' verb.

I am greatly inspired by mind mapping idea in making teaching materials for Bangla. Here is the concept in Wikipedia.  First I saw a couple of exceptionally beautiful mind maps in pinterest and that blew my mind.  I am reorganizing  my materials, making some mind maps for my students . I will ask them what do they think about it. Do mind maps really help ?  

I am posting here one map I made in powerpoint. It is about the conjugation of 'থাকা' verb in simple present tense with pronouns. Those who are not using mind maps, start using it. You, as a teacher or student, will feel liberated. 

Students will use this one after the class, at home. 

For introducing grammar in the class, I first give my students some examples, then they find the rules. I and my students all feel accomplished in this process. :)


Thaka verb conj with sing pron in smp prsnt tns

Activities with Future Tense

Dear Readers,


Sorry for being absent in the blog for a long time. Actually, my local network could not access UMbangla for some reason . I even did not understand where was the problem and who to contact for. But it is working now and I am happy. 

Recently, as I am working in an interactive platform ' paper' and teaching virtual classes, I feel the the need to make my teaching materials more bite size pieces and more colorful and interesting.  In 'Paper' I can upload any image file from my computer or can add any link. 

This following slides are made in powerpoint, saved as image files. I took the exercise from ' Epar Bangla Opar Bangla, which I use as text for my First year students. The pictures are beautifully drawn, the activity was perfect. But it was long and overwhelming for any basic level student. So, I made 4 slides out of  one activity and I will see if it works in my next class.

If you are a Bangla student or a teacher, feel free to use these. 


Credit : Epar Bangla Opar Bangla 

Rehanna's plan for tomorrow1

                                                                                                    Slide 1

Rehanna's plan for tomorrow 2
                                                                                                       Slide 2                                                                                                                              

Rehanna's plan for tomorrow3

                                                                                                         Slide 3

Rehanna's plan for tomorrow4

                                                                                              Slide 4