Activities with Future Tense
Theory behind mind maps

Mind mapping in Bangla teaching with 'থাকা' verb.

I am greatly inspired by mind mapping idea in making teaching materials for Bangla. Here is the concept in Wikipedia.  First I saw a couple of exceptionally beautiful mind maps in pinterest and that blew my mind.  I am reorganizing  my materials, making some mind maps for my students . I will ask them what do they think about it. Do mind maps really help ?  

I am posting here one map I made in powerpoint. It is about the conjugation of 'থাকা' verb in simple present tense with pronouns. Those who are not using mind maps, start using it. You, as a teacher or student, will feel liberated. 

Students will use this one after the class, at home. 

For introducing grammar in the class, I first give my students some examples, then they find the rules. I and my students all feel accomplished in this process. :)


Thaka verb conj with sing pron in smp prsnt tns