bangla grammar, slide in powerpoint, demonstrative non personal pronouns with 'টা' and ' গুলো'
Question about online quiz maker

Online Bangla Learning Platforms

 I can predict that virtual classes will be more popular in future and technology will make it successful.  There are already a couple of online platforms which offer Bangla courses where a student can have a face-to-face classes with teachers. 

Buddy School  offers Bangla courses. There are  10 Bengali teachers who teach online. 

Verbalplanet also offers Bangla courses. There are 4 teachers now. I  joined Verbalplanet last year. But I did not continue there. That

nativemonks has 3 Bangla teachers. 

Italki  has two professional Bengali teachers and two community teachers. I have been teaching in Italki since August, 2016. The platform suits me. I have been getting a lot of students. 

There are other language teaching platforms but they don't  show teachers' profiles. I do not appreciate that.