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Ramayana animation

Mandira and I were discussing various retellings of the Ramayana, and I told her about a project varingly called the "Sitayana" or "Sita Sings the Blues." Basically it is an animated version of the Ramayana told from Sita's point of view, done entirely through the songs of 1920s American Blues Singer Annette Hanshaw. She asked me to post the link, so I did!


গান ৩

I remember that when I was five and half years old,  I went to see this movie with my  father, grandmother and my জ্যাঠতুতো দিদি / cousin. The movie was funny but the song is quite serious :) Actually I like this song. You will notice, how much " Radha" and " Krishna"s references come in main stream Bnegali movies.

সিনেমার নাম " ধন্যি মেয়ে" ।

gan 2

Students, now he may not seem handsome to you all because you belong to different age group and many of you probably live outside Bengal . The criteria of handsomeness very from place to place and from time to time but he is all time favourite 'Nayok/ film star' to Bengali people. Ask a Bengali person about ' Uttom kumar' and see his/her reaction. I am refering here to that actor who is singing.

সুমনার দিদির বিয়ের ছবি

Gayer_halud সুমনা ইউনিভার্সিটি অফ মিসিগানের আমার প্রথম বছরের  ছাত্রী । সুমনা ওর দিদির বিয়ের কয়েকটা ছবি পাঠিয়েছে। এই ছবিতে বাঁদিকে সুমনার দিদি আর ডানদিকে

সুমনা । এই আচারকে বলা হয় 'গায়ে হলুদ' ।

I think this ritual is practiced by both Hindu and Muslim Bengalis. Tell me , if I am wrong. Can anybody explain what  is 'গায়ে হলুদ' ?


Hello. Shobai kemon ache? Amar computer-e bangla font-er software nei. Shei jonne amar ingrijite bangla likhte hocche. =) Ami Mandira-di chhara kao ke chinina, kintu ami Nasta Club-ar protekta email pai. Nasta club-er khobor shune ami khoob khooshi hoi. Ami Mandiradi-er prothom Bangla class-er chhatri chhilam. Ami khoob class-ta miss kori, kintu email golo pore mone hocche chhatro/chhatri onek bere gache. Eta khoob bhalo khobor! Hopefully ami ak din Bikelay Nasta Club-er meeting-a ashte parbo abong shobar porichoy korte parbo. Pore kotha hobe!

~ Sumana