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This is posted by our Mohan, not me - mandira

Yusuf and Jahnavi: I can't hear properly because there is a loud and annoying mohan in the background who clearly was talking too loud man he sucks. Yusuf your vocabulary is superfantastic.

Andrew and Katia: Yo Andrew, when you say tarpor it sounds mad hindish. like I think you say tarpar. eh.

Supriya and mohan: mohan dont talk so loud.

Two topics for conversation , 1st Yr.

These are two topics you have talked in the blog last week. For your easy access, I am posting those here.

1. You will talk in pairs about giving the direction. Bring a campus map ( everybody). You will imagine that the conversation will be on phone. You would like to meet your friend on a certain date and time in a certain place in campus. One will give direction and another person will draw.

You will use audio log for that, do not use video one. The conversation will last 5 minutes so think about elaborate directions, disagreements about taking bus or walking. Talk about the bus routes etc.

2. The second conversation : You both are strangers sitting side by side in a plane to


. Start a conversation. Talk about your likings. bring the conversation to a point where you both will find that you both like literature. Talk about your preference ( whether you like novel,poetry, stories ) ,who are your favourite authours etc. You can talk about literature written in any language. ( 5 minutes)

Journal 2

আমার জ্যেষ্ঠা আপা ১৫ িশেমবেরে একটা  মেয়েকে প্রসব করেছেন (gave birth to a girl) I   তার  নাম ইে (Edith), কিন্তু পরায় ময় তার নাম অভিহিত ইিI  তাকে একটা আপা আছে, আর আলবত ূটো অনুরক্ত পিতা I  অপিচ ইিকে তিনটে খালু, একটা খালা, একটা মাতুল, আর একটা মামি আছে I  আমরা তাকে খূবি ভালোবাশি I

কিন্তু আমার মনে যে আমার আম্মা আর আব্বা বেশি ব্যগ্র I  এতি তঁারা তাকে সঙ্গে খা করতে অপেক্ষা করেন I  এই অপেক্ষা খূবি কঠিন !  নাগাদ খা করেন, ছবিরা আছে I  এখনও এছবিূলো অতীব ূন I J

Two paragraphs - Laila Banu and Rehana Khan

Hello 1st. yr.

My intension is that you will listen to this audio file and try to find out where you found problems regarding your reading. ফind out the difference between the written language and pronunciation of the words, your pattern mistakes related to certain sounds etc. We will talk about this in class. I will let you know the date of the discussion of it later.


From : Epar Bangla Opar Bangla from Carol Solomon's book

MP3 File

For first year students

Hi all

HW for the weekend

There are two exercises from two paragraphs from Carol’s book you are supposed to give me on Monday.

You are also supposed to read the two paragraphs in the blog.

Exercise from Adjectives.

If you have any question, please write me .


For 1st. Yr.

Homework to be submitted on 26th. Oct., Friday

This is an exercise for verifying address. and also to get used to the Bangla script with conjuncts.

The instructions are in the file. The file is in PDF so you will not have any problem to use the file . Print it , do the exercise and submit it to me on Friday. Next Monday, 29th. October, we will go through it in the class. You should have some questions regarding names and addresses so please ask about those in the class on Monday.

Download verifying_addresses1st_yr_exercises.pdf

First Year, HW for the weekend

Make up a similar dialogue and bring it on Monday. Use any name and any place of your choice.   ও is used for 'also'.

ফাহাদ - তুমি ঢাকায় কোথায় থাক ?

রিয়াদ - আমি কলাবাগানে থাকি ।

ফাহাদ - আমিও কলাবাগানে থাকি ।

রিয়াদ - সুমনভাইও কি কলাবাগানে থাকেন ?

ফাহাদ - না, তিনি কলাবাগানে থাকেন না, তিনি আজিমপুরে থাকেন ।

From Carol's book

Download hw_for_the_weekend_19th_oct.pdf

First Year, conversation topics in the class

For Friday, 10/19/07

Talk in pairs about where you live, your parents live and following people live in the following places. The link of the maps of West Bengal and Bangladesh are given in the typelist of the blog ( Look at the left side bar) . Unfortunately the names of the places in the maps are in English so they may vary from the script. And you will not be able to read all the names because some of them have conjuncts. We will deal with these in class. And after the preparation, you will record your conversations.

মিনি - মেহেরপুর ( মিনি মেহেরপুরে থাকে) This is an example. You have to make a full sentnece.

The following places are in Bangladesh

নিশি - খুলনা

নন্দিনী - ঢাকা

বাশার - নোয়াখালি

রুমা - চট্টগ্রাম

ওয়াহিদ - র;পুর

সীমা - রাজশাহী

The following places are in West Bengal. West Bengal is called poschimbOngo/

পশ্চিমবঙ্গ in Bangla.

সারস্বত - কলকাতা

প্রবীর - মেদিনীপুর

জয়ন্ত - হুগলী

From Carol's book

Download classwork_for_19th_oct_blog_activities.pdf

1st. Yr , conversation topics in class

Hi all ( First year)

Topic : How do people greet each other ?

Friday, 12th. Oct. Class work

you will talk in pairs ( take the roles ) ( More than one response is possible):

While recording the conversations, mention the number and definitely write your names in each recording.

1. On the way to the market, Anima greets her friend Munir

2. Hasan greets his teacher while waiting for the bus.

3. The salesperson greets Mita entering a bookstore.

4. Two casual acquaintances meet at Hindu temple.

5. Farhana's elder brother's new friend has come to visit. She answes the door and greets him.

6. Two friends Salmi and Ruma meet for lunch in a Chinese restaurant. Salmi sees Ruma sitting at a table and goes over and greets her.

7. Jamansaheb enters his doctor's office and greets him.

( From Carol's book : Epar Bangla Opar Bangla)

For the First Year, consonants, words, paired consonants

Feedback on all the consonants, words and paired consonants

khub bhalo hoyechhe. I really appreciate your hard work. 

More or less, you are gaining control over the sounds. Most of them are fine and as you will learn more words with these sounds , you will be able to pronounce more confidently.

Just a couple of things to say :

The bad guy is still , specially when it is pronounced first in a pair with other sounds. It becomes aspirated :)

There are a couple of others, like and . Just keep those in mind.

and are also a little bit troublemakers. But those need time.

Some of you made mistakes in reading the paired consonants not because you cannot pronounce them, it is just because you still do not know what those things are :).

Finally, I got more or less everyone's HW but some of you submitted some of your HW, not all. Are they still sitting on the Hipcast ? If so, then please send them to Typepad.

vocabulary :

I think the confusion comes from using the Roman script. So I will pronounce them here in a file ( Check the First year materil page) . Listen them once. It will help.

Any question ? Ask me .

1st. Yr. U of C, Autumn, 2007

sounds in pairs

Instruction : Pronounce the sounds in pairs :

১। কগ  ২। খঘ   ৩। কঘ   ৪। খগ  ৫। চজ   ৬। ছঝ   ৭। চঝ   ৮। ছজ   ৯। টড   ১০। ঠঢ   ১১। টঢ ১২। ঠড   ১৩। তদ   ১৪। থধ   ১৫। তধ   ১৬। থদ   ১৭। টত   ১৮। ঠথ   ১৯। ডদ   ২০। ঢধ