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Mind mapping in Bangla teaching with 'থাকা' verb.

I am greatly inspired by mind mapping idea in making teaching materials for Bangla. Here is the concept in Wikipedia.  First I saw a couple of exceptionally beautiful mind maps in pinterest and that blew my mind.  I am reorganizing  my materials, making some mind maps for my students . I will ask them what do they think about it. Do mind maps really help ?  

I am posting here one map I made in powerpoint. It is about the conjugation of 'থাকা' verb in simple present tense with pronouns. Those who are not using mind maps, start using it. You, as a teacher or student, will feel liberated. 

Students will use this one after the class, at home. 

For introducing grammar in the class, I first give my students some examples, then they find the rules. I and my students all feel accomplished in this process. :)


Thaka verb conj with sing pron in smp prsnt tns

A neat Russian Language Learning website

Let's Learn Russian website impressed me. As a very beginner, who has no knowledge of the language can a get a brief introduction to the grammar structure, vocabulay and phonetics. I do not know any Russian and it was nice to get a glimps of the language. I must say, there are other similar language learning sites of other languages but none of them are so thorough ( I have seen some, may have missed some). There are audio sound with the letters and words. It was exciting to hear sounds of the language. 

The question comes, will I be able to learn Russian only in this way ? My long experience of language teaching says, 'No'.  Interaction is important, communication is important . Having this kind of site  to fall back on, you need a face-to-face class with your teacher and your journey starts for there.  

Oerall, it is well organized. If you are learning Russian or not, can check this site out. 




Read it 1

To the teachers :

How to use the picture:

It can be used for various levels of Bangla students. But have your students prepare for reading the text. Ask them questions like this, " What does one need to advertise an event ?" Let them think about it for a moment. Most likely they will answer, 'venue' and ' time' and ' the program of the event'.

The students can read the English text. That itself will give them an idea. But if you think the stduents' level is good enough to figure out the content on their own, then tell them not to read it.

If the students are beginners,tell them to read what is written in the orange line. When the task is done, move to the next task. Reading transliteration at the elementary level is very important. Guide the students towards the tranliterated section. 

For the Intermediate and Advanced level, use your judgement for creating a task.  It is not important to read all. Think about what the students need to know from this text. A lot of new words which one cannot ever use, scares a language student a lot. It builds up frustration. Choose a segment,provide some vocabulary. তারপর দেখো, কী হয়।


Screenshot (193)



Comparative Linguistics: Prepositions vs. Postpositions- English vs. Bangla

In class last week, we had a lesson on the locative case and postpositions. While that might seem confusing if you don't know those words, in practice, this divergence from English becomes quite simple. While in English a speaker might be used to forming the prepositional phrase (remember this from grade school, folks?) (preposition + a noun), Bangla manages to form similar structures in reverse (noun+ a preposition) by attaching an ending to an existing noun in the sentence. Just like in English though, the preposition used will modify the noun that it is 'attached' to. Rendered from English to Bangla- a phrase like "in the city" would become literally "the city in". Our comrade, Scott Brown, did a great explanation of this, so I'll upload a video of him giving us a mini-lesson on Bangla syntax and postpositions. - Sarita Download Trim.FFCD7B92-9567-4994-9045-D3EEB3EC7896