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January 08, 2007


Mandira Bhaduri

Hi president of the blog !
I am thrilled by you posting. A very good self assessment. I hope your entry will inspire others ( 1st.ye. 2nd. yr. and advanced level) to pause and reflect on their learning process.
I was extremely generous last semester :). I did not deduct any marks for absence/ lateness, did you notice that ? But you know, people change , so better not trust me in this matter.
Ha ha !!Sweet talk won't work much. I know your bangla inside out. I know each and every pattern mistakes of yours.If you post this type of assessment regulary from time to time about your progress and study as well, then I think A will fall on your lap :)

Fatema Haque

1. I cannot believe you compared Sylhetis with Noakhalis. I take great offense to this!

2. I don't suck of to Mandira. I just rock at Bangla. :D And if that happens to please Mandira, so be it.

3. What are the first 18 resolutions?

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