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February 01, 2008


Mohsin Reza

I want learn bangla.


This sounds like a very good approach. I have a copy of "Agantuk". But where can I get a bangla copy of the script?? Thanks.My email is fnact@aol.com

Scott Jenkins

You ask a good question, Daisy. Bangla does not have nice collections of pedagological materials for beginning and intermediate students, which means you have to find what you need the same way native speaking Bengalis find it. That's hard. Scripts are especially so.

I think the book we used was titled: নিজস্ব কাহিনী আবলম্বনে সম্পূর্ণ চিত্রনাট্য. Aguntak was in volume 20, no. 1+2 which was published in 1992. I vaguely remember Mandira saying she originally found this book in the Kolkata Little Magazine Library. If you were in Kolkata, you could go there, find the publisher and other bibliographic information and then go to Dej or one of the book stalls on College Street to see if they could track it down for you.

I'm thinking you are just starting, so I would probably suggest trying to email sources of Bangla books in the U.S. to see if they can help you find movie scripts in Bangla. Here's one example:


You might also find this link of Bangla materials useful:


I'd also recommend Essential Everyday Bengali, because it provides a good standard vocabulary for a beginner and provides helpful hnts like making sure to look up words in both English-Bengali and Bengali-English dictionaries.

I'd also add that the sooner you can use a Bangla-to-Bangla dictionary, the better.

Once you have worked through the basics you might also want to take a look at Bangla: An Advanced Course in Bengali - particularly if you are an academic.


aami ekjon bangla ar hindi bhashar adhyapika, Russia theke )

aami o ekhane amar chatrdigke bangla chobi dekhiye dey. amra Rabindranath, Tarashankar, Sharatchandra, Bibhutibhushan ityadi mahan lekhaker kono upanyas ba kahini pare niye ebon tar upor aadharito chobi dekhi. amar chobigulor chitranatyer bada abhab. ami Russiay thaaki bole ami kono bangla bookshop-e ba pustakaaloye jete pari na. Apnar hoito jaankaari aache, kono internet shop theke ami Ghare-Baire, Chokher Bali, Antarmahal ba aar kono chobir chitranaty kinte parbo?

Iti aponar


Watch movies

waw! I am only starting with this- I think I know how to say "I want water" hehe, you guys are really ahead of- hopefully I can get things going soon and your advice will be useful to me .

Mrinal Roy

Any one can tell me, From where I can get the bengali movie's script..........at least "Agantuk".

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It is really hard at first when you learn a new language but its fulfilling at the same time.

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Sounds interesting! I would also love to learn a new language. It would be difficult as a beginner but when you get used to it, it's really something to be proud of. Can anyone give me the link where to download this film? Thanks!

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I once work for an organization that helps people from India. I loved that work and it has always made feel good about myself.

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As much as possible I want to really learn the Hindu culture so that I can understand them.




Hi all,

Thanks for your comments. It is really hard to get film scripts. But in Kolkata, there is a 'Little Magazine Library' where you can get 'Little Magazines' and there , in many magazines, the scripts are published. Well, I am not going into the discussion of 'What is a Little Magazine'here. Here is the link of the information of the library. It is a privately run library. Contact the librarian. You have to pay for the cost of the photocopy and postage and there are most probably other rules. But the librarian is very nice and you can get a lot of scripts.


For the films, Ekaterina, you can buy them online. I am sending you one link


and I am sure, there are more. Sorry to be so late in answering your comment. Glad to hear that you teach Bengali and if you have more questions, you can send me an email.



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Movies similar to those? Suggestions? Thanks!


Learn about Bangladesh and Bangla-language from Bangladeshi Newspapers -

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Hi everyone, I'm learning Bangla and was finding it hard to get good learning materials so decided to make my own. I've put them online at http://banglabolo.wordpress.com/ - hope they're useful


If you really want to know about Kolkata city then you must visit http://ourCityKolkata.com

Bengali Bangla Jokes SMS

Good contribution by you.

Keep up the good work !

Mandarmani Digha

Really good travel site for Bengali and West Bengal.

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